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 Mesaj Başlığı: IDEF 2017 News
MesajGönderilme zamanı: 05 Haz 2017, 00:00 
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Kayıt: 10 Tem 2013, 18:08
Mesajlar: 144
Yaş: 35


Malaysia conducts trials of 30 mm naval gun from first-of-class NGPC ... from_rss=1

Turkey's Hurkus undergoes debut missile test ... from_rss=1

Hurkus conducts initial missile launch with L-UMTAS ... from_rss=1

Aselsan develops advanced naval STAMP RWS ... from_rss=1

IDEF 2017

Pakistan's KSEW signs LoI with Turkey's STM for local construction of Ada-class corvettes ... from_rss=1

First Turkish air-to-air missiles revealed ... from_rss=1

FNSS displays Kaplan AFV armed with 30 mm gun ... from_rss=1

Aselsan unveils new unmanned turret (nefer) ... from_rss=1

Turkey's TAI signs deal for serial production of Hürkus-C light attack aircraft ... from_rss=1

Turkey develops wheeled 155 mm self-propelled artillery system (asya) ... from_rss=1

New Turkish F-16 jammer in development ... from_rss=1

MKEK unveils new rifles at IDEF ... from_rss=1

Nurol Makina unveils new 4x4 (Nurol NMS) ... from_rss=1

Turkish miniature munition detailed (Tübitak Bozok) ... from_rss=1

Aselsan develops new 120 mm mortar system ... from_rss=1

MKEK's Boran lightweight towed howitzer nears qualification ... from_rss=1

Roketsan highlights weapon integration efforts ... from_rss=1

Pusat commences initial trials ... from_rss=1

Aselsan to supply targeting pods for Pakistan's JF-17 fighters, says report ... ays-report

Upgraded M60T MBT breaks cover ... eaks-cover

Turkey test fires another Bora ballistic missile (Other Name: Kaan / Export Name Khan) ... ic-missile

Prototype Kaplan MT medium weight tank completed ... -completed

FNSS rolls out Pars III ... t-pars-iii

FNSS develops upgrade package for ACV ... ge-for-acv

Otokar kits up Altay MBT for urban operations ... operations

Aselsan reveals 35 mm ABM ... -35-mm-abm

Details of anti-tank SARP variant emerge ... ant-emerge

Roketsan developing satellite launch vehicle
(Detail: Roketsan's SLV development is currently at a conceptual design level, said a statement released by Roketsan on 6 May ahead of Turkey's 2017 International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF), adding that the SLV will be liquid-fuelled.) ... ch-vehicle

Aselsan unveils anti-UAV systems ... av-systems

Aselsan plots clear path for TASMUS ... from_rss=1

FNSS Teber-30 turret readies for trials ... from_rss=1


Turkey, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia to co-operate on maritime patrol variant of AN-132 ... -of-an-132

Aselsan, Antonov team up on aircraft electronics ... lectronics

Turkey buys 52 Super Mushshak training aircraft from Pakistan ... m-pakistan

Turkey and Germany collaborate to meet Indonesian submarine requirement ... equirement

Indonesian Navy delegation arrives in Istanbul to study acquisition of AIP submarines ... submarines

Indonesian Navy receives pitch for Type 214 submarine from Golcük Shipyard ... k-shipyard



Qatar ordered 1500 Amazon vehicles from Turkish manufacturer BMC ... r-bmc.html

Nurol Machinery from Turkey won first export contract for its Ejder Yalcin armored combat vehicles ... icles.html

Turkey orders new amphibious assault vehicle for use on new TCG Anadolu amphibious ship ... -ship.html

Turkey showcases new Khan missile system at IDEX 2017 ... -2017.html

Turkey to Receive New Hurkus-C Light Ground Attack Aircraft in 2018 ... -2018.html


Turkey successfully tests 280 km-range ballistic missile near the Black Sea ... k-sea.html

Turkey designed ALTAY-AHT urban operations tank in response to hybrid and asymmetrical threats ... reats.html

Turkey’s military interested in PARS 6×6 iZCi as a platform for new CBRN vehicle ... hicle.html

Ukrainian defence companies shows interest in SARP-L advanced remote weapon platform ... tform.html

Otokar unveils Ural armoured single cab Pick-up for the first time at IDEF 2017 ... -2017.html

Kaplan MT medium weight tank ready for testing ... sting.html

FNSS shows Kaplan MT Modern Medium Weight Tank ... -tank.html

Turkish Aerospace Industries showcases T625 light utility helicopter at IDEF 2017 ... -2017.html

Aselsan debuts new ASYA exoskeleton system ... ystem.html

Turkish company showcases newest guided missile frigate at IDEF 2017 ... -2017.html

Aselsan unveils new generation of Korhan infantry fighting vehicle ... hicle.html

Roketsan to showcase new Khan mobile short-range ballistic missile system at IDEF 2017 ... -2017.html

Turkish company to showcase new Yavuz self-propelled howitzer at IDEF 2017 ... -2017.html

Aselsan to showcase new light torpedo at IDEF’17 ... -idef.html


Aselsan working to secure Ukraine VHF radio requirement ... quirement/

Turkish defence vendor STM showcases MILDEN submarine proposal ... -proposal/

Profile: STM LF-2400 Light Frigate (Turkey) ... t-frigate/

Pakistan reportedly orders more ASELPOD targeting pods for JF-17 ... ods-jf-17/

FNSS and PT Pindad showcase Kaplan MT AFV prototype ... prototype/

Pakistan moves closer to finalizing MILGEM corvette purchase ... -purchase/

Turkish defence industry showcases new naval products ... -products/

Havelsan will showcase simulator for the TAI T-129 ATAK ... -129-atak/

Update to Turkey’s efforts to sell T-129 helicopters to Pakistan ... -pakistan/

TÜBİTAK SAGE will showcase PGM & AAM technology ... echnology/

Aselsan will showcase new AHS-120 mortar-firing system ... ng-system/

Aselsan will unveil lightweight ASW torpedo at IDEF 2017 ... idef-2017/

TAI successfully weaponizes Anka UAV with MAM-L ... uav-mam-l/

TAI test-fires Roketsan UMTAS from Hürkuş-C close air support aircraft ... -aircraft/

Roketsan Mizrak-U ATGM successfully tested from TAI T-129 ATAK ... -129-atak/


The PARS Product Family Passes the Torch to the Third Generation ... icles.html

Antonov signs collaboration agreements with TAI, Aselsan and Havelsan ... -havelsan/

STM and TKMS sign letter-of-intent to explore Type 214 submarine sale to Indonesia ... ubmarines/

Turkey’s Golcük Shipyard & TKMS jointly market Type 214 submarine to Indonesia ... indonesia/

Turkish defence vendor Kale Group partners with Rolls-Royce to develop aircraft engines in Turkey ... es-turkey/

Turkey awards Super Mushshak contract to PAC ... tract-pac/

Aselsan aims to secure sizable chunk of Mil Mi-17-upgrade market ... de-market/

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 Mesaj Başlığı: IDEF 2017 News
MesajGönderilme zamanı: 05 Haz 2017, 00:02 
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Kayıt: 10 Tem 2013, 18:08
Mesajlar: 144
Yaş: 35
From: Mixed Sources

Turkey's ASELSAN Signs $25M Contract with Pakistan

Detail: Pakistan, which will pay a total of $24.9 million for 16 ASELPOD systems, will use these pods on the JF-17 fighter jets that it has developed jointly with China. (Source: Daily Sabah; published May 28, 2017) ... 4041&cat=3

Turkey And Pakistan Have Multiple Arms Deals In the Works ... the-works/

Rolls-Royce, Kale Group form joint venture ... t-venture/



FNSS presents Kaplan Medium Tank prototype ... 51704.html

FNSS unveils Kaplan-30 NG AFV Next Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle ... 05173.html

FNSS Kaplan 20 Next Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle ... 05171.html

FNSS PARS 4x4 Anti-Tank Vehicle makes first appearance ... 05179.html

FNSS launches PARS Scout 6x6 Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle ... 05171.html

FNSS PARS III Family makes strong appearance ... 05175.html

Review Turkish-made FNSS PARS III a new generation of 6x6 and 8x8 armoured vehicles ... 05176.html

New TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret introduced by FNSS ... 05177.html

FNSS showcases TEBER 30/35 Remote Controlled Turret ... 05172.html

FNSS is ready to modernize its ACV and IAPC ... 05171.html

Nurol Makina unveils NMS 4x4 light tactical protected vehicle ... 05175.html


Otokar presents wide range of wheeled - tracked combat vehicles and weapon station systems ... 05172.html

Introducing new urban warfare variant of Otokar's Altay main battle tank ... 05172.html

Otokar's Altay main battle tank counting days to serial production ... 05177.html

Otokar's Arma armoured vehicle now fitted with Mizrak-S turret ... 05175.html

Otokar's URAL single cabin armoured vehicle debuts ... 51710.html


BMC presents its full range of wheeled armoured vehicles at IDEF 2017 ... 05171.html

Best Grup unveils its Börü 4x4 armored vehicle ... hicle.html

Katmerciler unveils its new 4x4 Armoured Ambulance ... lance.html

Katmerciler unveils the UKAP its new Remote controlled weapon Platform ... ef_17.html

Tümosan showcases its prototype of the Pusat 4x4 APC ... _2017.html

Aselsan unveils Korhan new generation of armoured infantry fighting vehicle ... 05172.html


Aselsan next generation of main battle tank upgrade solutions for Turkish Leopard 2A4 ... 05172.html

New ETI counter-IED and interrogation vehicle introduced by Aselsan ... 05179.html

New Aselsan KMO 6x6 155mm 52 caliber self-propelled howitzer (ASYA) ... 05171.html

Aselsan Korkut 35mm short-range air defense system in service with the Turkish armed forces ... 05173.html

Aselsan presents Tufan technology demonstrator of railgun weapon system ... 05174.html

Aselsan showcases its progress in exoskeleton technologies (Asya) ... 05171.html

Aselsan SERHAT the mobile counter-battery mortar radar mounted on Cobra ... 05171.html


Roketsan presents its wide range of defense solutions ... 05173.html

Roketsan introduces new generation of advanced fuze systems ... 05172.html

Roketsan presents its TGR-300 TIGER artillery missile ... 05176.html

Roketsan spotlights KHAN 610 mm artillery missile system ... 05178.html

Roketsan about to complete UMTAS/OMTAS anti-tank missiles development project ... 05173.html

Roketsan unveils Pedestal Mounted CIRIT weapon system ... 05176.html

Roketsan showcases T-107/122 mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher system ... 05176.html


CTECH presents its Airborne SATCOM Solution ... 05171.html

MKE adds new MPT-55 and MPT-55K to assault rifles family ... 05173.html

ATEL showcases its portable jammer system ... 05172.html

Meteksan Defence showcases its advanced products ... ducts.html

Accordion Barrier Systems by Alp Defence ... 10517.html

Baykar promoting its Bayraktar Mini UAS ... 05173.html

Tübitak Bilgem presenting new Mobile Laser Area Defense System ... 05175.html

MKE unveils MAM-15 12.7 mm anti-materiel sniper rifle ... 05172.html

MKE unveils Yavuz new 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer ... 05171.html

Best Grup presents VTOL UAV with under-fuselage bomb bay ... 05172.html


TAI unveils T625 light utility helicopter ... -2017.html

SAGE intoduces Turkey's first indigenously-made air-to-air missiles ... siles.html

Antonov, Aselsan to collaborate on transport aircraft avionics ... onics.html

Turkey signs contract for 52 Super Mushshak basic trainer aicraft ... craft.html

Turkey progressing towards TF-X next-gen fighter jet development ... pment.html


Turkey Signed LOI with Pakistan for the Procurement of 4 Corvettes ... ettes.html

STM & TKMS Signed LOI on Type 214 Submarines for Indonesian Navy ... -navy.html

Turkish Naval Defense Technology at IDEF 2017 (Video) ... -2017.html

In this video, coverage of:
- Istanbul I-class Frigate
- Aselsan CAFRAD radar for TF2000
- Aselsan HIZIR-LFAS towed sonar
- Aselsan ORKA Torpedo
- Aselsan ZARGANA decoy launcher for submarine
- Aselsan Albatros-T USV target boat
- Aselsan PIRI IRST
- Aselsan STAMP-2 RWS
- Aselsan TUFAN rail gun
- TAIS / SEDEF Shipyard LHD for Turkish Navy
- STM TF-4500 Frigate
- STM Fast Attack Craft FAC 55
- ARES Shipyard ARES 100 SAT special operations boat

CNIM Partnering with DEARSAN to Pitch L-CAT for Turkish Navy LHD ... y-lhd.html

Turkish Navy MILGEM-class Corvette TCG Büyükada is at IDEF 2017 ... -2017.html

ASELSAN Showcasing its ÇAFRAD Phased Array Radar for TF-2000 Frigate ... igate.html

ASELSAN Unveils the HIZIR-LFAS Towed Sonar for TF-2000 ... -2000.html

STM Unveils its TF4500 Anti-Air Warfare Frigate ... igate.html


Super MUSHSHAK Quandary ... ndary.html

Turkey Orders 52 Super MUSHSHAKs ... shaks.html

AESA Radar Being Developed for TF-X ... -tf-x.html

IDEF 2017: Katmerciler shows UKAP Unmanned Platform ... tform.html

UK and Turkey Sign TF-X Deal ... -deal.html

IDEF 2017: TAI Reveals T625 Turkish Utility Helicopter ... opter.html

IDEF 2017: BAYRAKTAR UCAV Detailed ... y-uav.html

IDEF 2017: Two New Air-to-Air Missiles Revealed ... ealed.html

IDEF 2017: Photographic Recap of Day 1 ... photo.html

IDEF 2017: Roketsan TEBER Laser Guidance Kit ... e-kit.html

IDEF 2017: Roketsan KHAN Missile System ... ystem.html

IDEF 2017: Roketsan MAM-L Boosts UAV Effectiveness ... eness.html

IDEF 2017: Roketsan T-107/122 Multi Barrel Rocket Launching System ... ystem.html

IDEF 2017:Roketsan HISAR Missile Family Continues to Demonstrate Capability ... ity-2.html

IDEF 2017:Roketsan HISAR Missile Family Continues to Demonstrate Capability ... ility.html

IDEF 2017: Roketsan Extends Ballistic Protection Solutions ... tions.html

IDEF 2017: Roketsan ASW System ... ystem.html

IDEF 2017: ROKETSAN’s TRG-300 TIGER Missile ... ssile.html

IDEF 2017: ROKETSAN’s Anti-Tank Missile Family Moving Forward ... rward.html

IDEF 2017: ROKETSAN New Generation Fuse Systems ... stems.html

IDEF 2017: CIRIT Goes Thermobaric ... baric.html

IDEF 2017: SOM, the Next Generation Cruise Missile ... ssile.html

IDEF 2017: Aselsan Next-Generation Air Defence Gun Systems in Charge ... r-def.html

IDEF 2017: Roketsan 122mm Family Rockets ... roket.html

IDEF 2017: Aselsan Showcases Electromagnetic Launcher Prototype ... n-eml.html

IDEF 2017: Aselsan Advanced Subsystems on ALTAY MBT ... altay.html

IDEF 2017: Aselsan’s Smart Cockpit ... -ockp.html

IDEF 2017: Roktesan’s Innovations in Rockets, Missiles and Munitions ... innov.html

IDEF 2017: FNSS PARS 4x4 Turns Heads ... pars4.html

IDEF 2017: FNSS KAPLAN MT Brings a New Breath to the Tank Class

IDEF 2017: FNSS Showcases KAPLAN-20 NGAFV ... lan20.html

IDEF 2017: How Turkey Deals with Russia and the US in the Defence Sector ... -russ.html

TAI ANKA UAV Now Carries Roketsan MAM-L ... -cuav.html

Recent Developments in Turkish UAV Programmes ... rkuav.html

IDEF 2017: FNSS Showcases Future of Land Platforms ... fnss1.html

IDEF 2017 Preview: Aselsan Clears Away the Fog ... ye-sw.html

IDEF 2017 Preview: Aselsan STAMP-2, Ready for Duty ... tamp2.html

IDEF 2017 Preview: Turkish Armed Forces Modernisation in Troubled Times ... taf17.html

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