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 Mesaj Başlığı: IED Problem of Security Forces
MesajGönderilme zamanı: 05 Eyl 2015, 16:47 

Kayıt: 05 Nis 2015, 21:46
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All of us has been hearing some news about IEDs and martyrs after explosions since 7th July election. Especially terrorist organization bölücü terör örgüt uses IEDs to assault security forces and its methods to intimidate our forces effect our feelings. Fortunately, some APVs and MRAPs, like Kirpi, protect the personnel but in some instances like Otokar Shortland, our chance to protect, unfortunately, is limited. Pressure comes from public about to stop using Shortlands may create a solution path to make decision.
Anyway, in this thread we will be sharing information sheets about IEDs and ways of protection. As private citizens, we may not face threat stems from IEDs but our brothers in eastern part of Turkey face this inevitable threat everyday. What would you do if you spot an IED? This is the main question.
US Marine Corps and other sources have issued detailed student handouts about IED and ways of protection.
I hope that you will get main points of given information about IED. ... evices.pdf ... sApr07.pdf
Note: I have downloaded the PDFs but Imgur does not provide service for PDFs and if I share the link of Imgur you will see a long JPEG and you will have to zoom on the sheet. If anyone wants the Imgur links, I can put them on this page.

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Kayıt: 28 May 2014, 15:23
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Also we can see how many soldier did lost USA with IED attacks in this topic.

As you can see, Green Berets lost many soldier with IED.


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